NYU Student Journal of Metapatterns Index

Volume 1, Issue 1 — June, 2017

Preface and Overview by Tyler Volk, instructor for the course “Metapatterns in Nature, Mind, and Culture” (Spring, 2017), and professor of biology and environmental studies, New York University.

  1. Preface by Tyler Volk
  2. “The Intertwined Development of Technology and the Sleep-Wake Binary: A New Pattern of Unnatural Breaks” by Nina Naghshineh
  3. “The Metapatterns of ‘We” by Yvonne Bowman
  4. “Propagation, Variation, and Selection as a Metapattern:New Ways of Envisioning Evolution Outside of the Biological Sphere” by Thomas Flott
  5. “The Real and Virtual Cycles of Evolving Life” by Austen Wigglesworth
  6. “Tonally Expressive Metapatterns” by Tom Hagan
  7. "Megacities, Metapatterns" by Cate Stern
  8. “Metapatterns of Transportation: From Wheels to Warp-Drive" by Arturo Alemany
  9. “Deconstructing Evolutionary Dynamics in Online Social Networks (OSNs)” by Nicole Lim
  10. “Two Metapatterns Across Cultural Timekeeping” by Ryan Cuddy
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