Gallery - Metapatterns #2

(order varies randomly)

  • Flamingo (Photo by Jeff Bloom)tubes for support and transport
  • Spherical House (Photo by Jeff Bloom)sphere as containment and strength or durability
  • Covered Bridge (Photo by Jeff Bloom)tube for transport
  • Raccoons Playing (Photo by Jeff Bloom) — complex interrelationships of binaries, centers, layers, etc.
  • Lighthouse (Photo by Jeff Bloom) — a center for maritime traffic
  • Spider Web (Photo by Jeff Bloom)tubes forming a sheet-like web
  • Paddle Boat (Photo by Jeff Bloom)sheets in a cycle for ongoing movement
  • Spider Web (Photo by Jeff Bloom)
  • Sheep (Photo by Jeff Bloom) — a cluster of sheep (in group relationship)
  • Pier (Photo by Jeff Bloom)tubular pier for extending into water
  • Sail Boat (Photo by Jeff Bloom) — Sails as sheets for "capturing" the wind
  • Meercat (Photo by Jeff Bloom) — two photos showing the meercat's sphere of awareness and territory
  • Clock Tower (Photo by Jeff Bloom) — Clock as smaller scale calendar
  • Spider Web (Photo by Jeff Bloom)
  • Sea Star (Photo by Jeff Bloom)tubular hydraulic system and network with tube feet
  • Wow Air (Photo by Jeff Bloom) — wind sock as arrow for planes
  • Building Above Water (Photo by Jeff Bloom)sheets and layers of building supported by tubular piers
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