Metapatterns Photo Gallery

(order varies randomly)

  • Grasses (Photo by Jeff Bloom)tubes, with layered seeds — tubes for support and transport
  • Spider Web (Photo by Jeff Bloom) — a web of tubes creating a sheet for capturing
  • Saguaro Cactus (Photo by Jeff Bloom)tubular "body" for optimizing relationship between surface area and volume - enough storage volume for water and reduced surface area for minimizing evaporative loss
  • Moon (Photo by Jeff Bloom) — celestial sphere — as opposed to biological and social/technological functionality, what is the function here?
  • Aquatic Arthropod (Photo by Jeff Bloom) — sets of tubes as holons and holarchies
  • Fall Forest Path (Photo by Jeff Bloom) — a tube
  • Aquatic Flat Worm (Photo by Jeff Bloom) — a sheet with binary of eyespots
  • Sea Anemone (Photo by Jeff Bloom)tube with tubular tentacles
  • Sea Anemone (Photo by Jeff Bloom)tube with clusters of tubular tentacles
  • Wind Sock (Photo by Jeff Bloom)tubular wind sock functioning as an arrow to sea planes
  • Amoeba (Photo by Jeff Bloom) — a sheet with internal tubes and spheres
  • Flowers (Photo by Jeff Bloom)spherical flowers hanging from tubes attached to tubes attached to tubes
  • Leaf (Photo by Jeff Bloom) — a sheet composed of branching tubes
  • Flower (Photo by Jeff Bloom) — a holarchy of sheet-like petals
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