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Teaching Awards from NYU:
2009. All-University Distinguished Teaching Award
2008. Golden Dozen Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Education
2004. Golden Dozen Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Education

Undergraduate Courses taught at NYU

V55.0311 — Lessons from the Biosphere (A MAP Natural Science-II course)
V36.0333 — Limits to the Earth—Issues in Human Ecology. Students in my Spring 2011 class developed numbers for the U.S./world average per capita consumption for energy, timber, water, metals, fish, aspects of agriculture, and more. Results and instructions on how to perform the calculations can be found here: Link
V28.0154 — Transdisciplinary Investigations across Multiple Evolutionary Scales (Collegiate Seminar)
V36.0100 — Environmental Systems Science
V23.0009/V49.0012 — Whole Earth Science: The Global Environment
V49.0330 — Cities and Their Environments
V50.0202 — Metapatterns in Nature, Mind, and Culture (Freshman honors seminar)

Graduate Courses taught at NYU

G23.1201 — Earth Biology
G23.1073 — Plant Resources (part of team)
G54.2000 — Science Survey (Journalism Dept., part of team)
G12.1400 — Fundamentals of Energy and Geophysical Science I
G12.1401 — Fundamentals of Energy and Geophysical Science II
G12.1410 — Atmospheres and Oceans I
G12.1411 — Atmospheres and Oceans II
G12.2310 — Advanced Oceanography I
G12.2212 — Physical Climatology
G12.3204 — Problems in Energy Science I
G12.3205 — Problems in Energy Science II
G12.3208 — Problems in Environmental Science I
G12.3209 — Problems in Environmental Science II
G65.1093 — Patterns in Space and Time (Graduate Program in Liberal Studies)

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